About the filmmakers

Iris Verhoeven and Els Anker are two young filmmakers who are in their final year of Journalism at the School of Journalism in Utrecht. They spend their final year to the making of a documentary. With their creative interpretation of reality Verhoeven and Anker dive into Breathless, an intimate and honest depiction of two young women living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). They bring the stories to life through images capturing the highest integrity. Unfeigned and sincere. Just like her protagonists.

Iris Verhoeven

“It’s still hard to believe that Els and I are making a documentary.” Iris Verhoeven (1995) began with writing short stories about what she experienced. By now she has become a freelance journalist. She works for instance for RTV Noord as a journalist and in the NVJ as a Board member. “I hope we can show the audience a different side of being a donor. We all know the debate, should I be a donor or not? Who are the people who need the organs? With the documentary Breathless we give you a personal  glimpse into the life of Sarah Smith and Kim Clement, who both suffer from Cystic Fibrosis.”

Els Anker

To Els Anker (1993) a documentary is a grateful platform to raise social issues. Besides being a filmmaker she also works as a news editor for various clients, including Metro,Holland and the Roadshow Press Freedom. “There lies enormous power in a documentary in which people dare to be vulnerable. It says something about personal values, about how you handle yourself and others”, Els said. “Through a complex issue such as to make being a donor something personal, the issue becomes tangible. To experience, and reflect. Again and again.”